Genoa Township Residents for Responsible Development

You are the "Silent Majority"

And you Speak Loud and Clear!

We cannot thank you enough for exercising your right to vote yesterday! Your voices have been heard, and we’ve sent a clear message to our trustees that we do not want high density developments in Genoa Township!!! We couldn’t have done this without your help!!! Thank you!!

The final election results from the High Density Zoning Amendment on November 6:

  • Yes - 3,159 votes - 23.46%
  • No - 10,304 votes - 76.54%

Trustee Karl Gebhardt has said that only a "vocal minority" of township residents oppose high density and over-development. Thanks to an overwhelming voter turnout, well over half of Genoa Township's registered voters (including those that did not vote) overrode an amendment that would have set precedent of overcrowding for years to come.

Thank you again Genoa - we have your back for the next fight!

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