Genoa Township Residents for Responsible Development

GTRRD Inc. files to intervene & dismiss lawsuit against Genoa!

In response to the Consent Decree sent to the township by Mr. Benalcazar on November 6, 2019, concerned residents have filed motions to intervene and dismiss the Benton Benalcazar vs. Genoa Township lawsuit in the United States District Court.

There is a long history of residents being overlooked when it comes to zoning and development matters in Genoa Township. Though the residents spoke clearly during the November 2018 referendum their desire for responsible development in the township, the lawsuit filed by Mr. Benalcazar’s lawyers is an attempt to undo those results.

Timeline of events concerning the lawsuit against Genoa
  • April 2018 Trustees Karl Gebhardt and Connie Goodman approve a high density development against Zoning Commission and residents recommendations. As required by the Zoning Resolution “No further development shall be approved unless it is in conformance with the Genoa Township Comprehensive Plan in effect at the time”. The developer threatens lawsuits and a factory style finishing farm for chickens, pigs and cattle if he is not allowed to build.
  • May 2018 1,600 residents sign a petition of referendum to place the zoning amendment on the ballot.
  • November 2018 10,308 (76.3%) of township residents say “NO”. It is clear; they don’t want high density development as defined by the Comprehensive Plan and mandated by the Zoning Resolution in Genoa Township.
  • December 2018 Developer, Benton Benalcazar sues Genoa Township to overturn the results of the referendum.
  • January 2019 Trustees Gebhardt and Goodman rewrite the township zoning resolution and comprehensive plan to allow higher density developments in the township. They disregarded the Zoning Commission’s recommendation and the residents inputs. Coincidentally, this would allow the Benalcazar proposal, which was turned down by the residents, to be built at even a higher density.
  • December 16, 2019 A special meeting of the Genoa Township Trustees is scheduled for Monday, December 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the Genoa Township Community Hall, 5111 South Old 3C Hwy. (SE corner of S Old 3C Hwy and Big Walnut Rd). The meeting is to consider a proposed consent decree (settlement) in the Benalcazar vs. Genoa Township lawsuit. The density being proposed is still too high and the provisions of the Zoning Resolution and Comprehensive Plan are still being ignored. Mr Benalcazar, through his lawyers, has requested that if the trustees approve this that a referendum not be allowed.
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  • Increases Taxes
  • Increases Traffic
  • Crowds our School Districts
  • Strains our Safety Services
  • Ruins our Rural feel

GTRRD Inc. is a 501c4 social welfare group as defined by the IRS to allow residents of a community to form and participate in civic betterment and social improvement. It differs from a Political Action Committee (PAC) in that it is not governed by a political campaign. What does this mean for us residents of Genoa? We now have a stronger, more able, and year round ability to fight for our community.