Proposed Zoning Amendment

(By Referendum Petition)

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage

On April 9, 2018, The Genoa Township Board of Trustees enacted resolution No. 18–0409001 to amend the Genoa Township Zoning Map to rezone 42.791 acres from Rural Residential (“RR”) to Planned Residential Development (“PRD”). The seven adjoining parcels that make up the 42.791 acre site are parcel numbers 31713001036000, 31713001036001, 131713001036002, 31713001036003, 31713001036004, 131713001036005, 31713001038000. According to Genoa Township Zoning Case No. 2018–01, and Genoa Township Board of Trustees Resolution No. 18–0409001, the above seven parcels are “located at 4741 Tussic Street”, which is near the southeast intersection of Oxbow Road and Tussic Street.

Shall the zoning amendment as adopted by the Genoa Township Board of Trustees be approved?